Monday, 22 June 2015

Tuesday 24th February - Soon to be a law graduate!

Fingers crossed anyway! Now it's on to figuring out what I want to do as a career.

I went to a recruitment event in my town a few weeks ago, just to see if there was anything for me. It was going great until I stated that I didn't have any experience! (Because everyone knows that bar work is basically the easiest job ever and requires no skills...) I got told to try and find some part time work over the summer. I acted like this was great at the time, but inside I was really disheartened. I applied at loads of law firms in my first and second years to get some work experience, to no avail. 

The problem is that every job wants you to have previous experience, but they aren't willing to take you on and train you. I feel like I get laughed at when I mention the fact that I have no previous experience. 

I'm 22 years old, and I've never worked a proper day in my life. I've spoken to people who say that they wish they had gone to uni and got qualifications and then got a job. These are people who are supporting themselves, who already have jobs. I wish I'd done it their way!

Anyway, I've already chosen my path, and I've been getting really stressed about what I'm going to do after uni. In my first year, and when I actually applied for my foundation degree, I wasn't expecting to go in to practice. "It's a very competitive area" they said. I did tell everyone at work that I wanted to be a solicitor, because that sounds better, but I thought it was out of reach. 

I started to feel a bit jaded with my degree last year. I wasn't doing very well, I wasn't sure if I'd even make it through that year. I was thinking maybe I would get a job as a Legal Secretary? Maybe work my way in if I was lucky! 

Needless to say, I did pass the year because I'm sat here complaining about it! My results have been so much better this year. I'm no longer ridiculously homesick and upset all the time. I was thinking of maybe trying to follow my original aim, but try the alternate route, by becoming a Legal Executive first. We'll see if that dream comes to fruitition! 

Any law students out there? Legal executives? Solicitors? Anyone thinking of a legal career? 

Becca xx