Thursday, 28 August 2014

Thursday 28th August - University In My Opinion!

I am currently waiting to go into my final year of Uni, I can't wait for it to all be over! 

An all too familiar sight. An edited screenshot from the University of Sunderland website! 

So, let's backtrack to my results day for my A levels. I was nervous, I knew I hadn't done well. For the two years I was there, I'd struggled with fitting in and making new friends, I was cripplingly shy! 

And then my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in my second year of Sixth Form. The day I found out it felt like my world stopped. It couldn't have happened at a worse time and it really did affect my work negatively. I wasn't interested in anything any more and it was basically a low point for me. But I sat my exams, most of them without telling my teachers of this situation. I got bad results in the end. I didn't get into the courses I'd applied for on UCAS. I actually spoke to my law teacher at the time and she calmed me down a little. 

Now, I hadn't applied for Law courses. I was always interested in it, but I didn't think I had the commitment. My teacher told me to phone up through clearing to try and do part time studying. I did and they wouldn't take me because of my low grades.

I happened to find a 'foundation degree' in Law and phoned up. I thought "why not?", I didn't have anything else lined up. I ended up getting a place on the course. I couldn't have been happier! 

And now I'm here, waiting to go into my last year. It cannot come soon enough! I enjoyed my foundation degree but joining the course in it's second year was tough. Everyone had their own friendship groups and I haven't found it enjoyable. I haven't experienced this booming social life and spending countless days drinking and ending up not remembering where you live. However, I've worked hard for this degree so I'm not going to let it go to waste 

Anyone considering going to Uni? Done a foundation degree?

Becca xx

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