Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tuesday 19th August - Pinterest

I got Pinterest some time last year and I love it! I can spend hours just looking at a variety of different categories. 

I name my boards so that they're self explanatory: bathroom, bedroom, tops, skirts etc. I initially got it because I was moving away to Uni and I enjoyed looking at all the things I could have in my bedroom. Unfortunately that didn't happen, and anyway, it was only a 10 month contract. But they'll do for when I do move out of my parents'! 

It moved on from there, I would often look through the Popular images! It's definitely one for when you just fancy to look at a bit of everything. There's always the millions of wedding ideas which are not my personal area of interest, but there's everything else too. 

Jewellery, art, recipe posts, clothes... What more could you want? It's great how easy it is to add pins yourself too. I am a fan of the London-based Miss Patina label and I have boards full of their clothes (next best thing to having them? ) 

I have a few secret boards which are there for my own enjoyment (they're more private anyway, valentines day cards and the like)  but I generally do keep everything public. 

Give Pinterest a try, just for hoarding images or recipes or crafts. It's fantastic for a bit of everything! Does anyone have a Pinterest? 

Becca xx

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